Seal-Once Penetrating Wood Sealer – How it Works

Seal-Once Penetrating Wood Sealer – How it Works

Seal-Once is quick and easy to apply using a brush, garden sprayer or stain pad. Our clear formula can be used as a primer under other wood coatings or other Seal-Once products to ensure a uniformly beautiful long lasting appearance.

If you’re looking to add color, Seal-Once has a full line of semi transparent tints that can be mixed into the clear formula to enhance the natural grain of the wood. Our rich in broad array of semi transparent tint colors with added UV blockers provides the end user with additional options for having a beautiful and long lasting project.

Seal-Once Nano Penetrating Wood Sealer protects, preserves and enhances your wood projects.

Seal-Once is fast, effective, long lasting and safe for the environment. Start your project today and entertain guests tonight. Keep your wood beautiful. Protect it from the inside out. Protect it with Seal-Once.

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